4: The Artistic Algorithm: SEO Strategies for Creatives with April Brown

April Brown
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In this episode, Nata Salvatori interviews April Brown, an SEO expert, about the basics of SEO and how to improve website visibility on Google. April shares her background in marketing and SEO, as well as her experience working with creatives. She emphasizes the importance of planning a website and paying attention to SEO and copywriting. April explains the metrics to watch for website performance and the significance of ranking on Google’s first page. She also highlights the role of content in SEO and provides realistic expectations for SEO results.

In this conversation, Nata Salvatori and April Brown discuss the importance of SEO for photographers and creatives as well as tangible SEO strategies to grow your business. They cover topics such as competition in SEO, the significance of Google reviews, the focus on portfolio and session highlights, key elements of a good blog, the number one SEO mistake, the need for continuous SEO work, the services offered by April Brown, her favorite activities, and where to find her.

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  • Plan your website and pay attention to SEO and copywriting to improve visibility on Google.
  • Monitor metrics such as impressions and clicks to track website performance.
  • Ranking on Google’s first page is crucial for attracting organic traffic.
  • Create high-quality content that answers users’ questions to improve SEO. Getting reviews on your Google profile can improve your page ranking and visibility in search results.
  • Focusing on portfolio and session highlights can help target specific locations, venues, and types of events.
  • A good blog should have a moderate number of photos (around 15-20) to avoid overwhelming visitors and optimize page speed.
  • Using section headings (H tags) in blogs can help improve search rankings and highlight important information.
  • Neglecting SEO is a common mistake among creatives, and investing in SEO from the beginning is crucial for long-term business success.
  • SEO requires continuous maintenance and updates to keep up with changing algorithms and maintain an active website presence.
  • April Brown offers SEO and copywriting services to help transform websites into effective sales machines.
  • April Brown enjoys hiking and spending time outdoors.
  • April Brown can be found on her website aprilbrown.co and on social media platforms.


00:00Introduction and Background

02:51The Basics of SEO

06:01Investing in SEO from the Beginning

09:01Metrics to Watch for Website and SEO

11:29The Importance of Ranking on Google

15:24The Role of Content in SEO

21:48SEO Competition

22:27Importance of Google Reviews

23:20Focus on Portfolio and Session Highlights

24:19Key Elements of a Good Blog

29:23The Number One SEO Mistake

33:26Continuous SEO Work

38:20Services Offered by April Brown

40:56April Brown’s Favorite Activities

41:46 Where to Find April Brown

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