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That's the advantage of having a guide, a coach. We have been there and done that. Now you can save time, money, and take the shortcuts. Nothing wrong with working smarter and not harder! Build your tool box with ready-for-you guides and templates and start creating the life you deserve. 

Browse my collection of guides, templates, and presets created with the only goal of making your life easier

Why try to reinvent the wheel?
I've made all the mistakes for you and now you can skip to the good part. 

Download proven templates to woo your wedding couples

Get systems to save time while achieving your goals

Gain the skills to catch the perfect wedding photos

struggling to pose your couples?

Not anymore! Strike up the chemistry with this 50-page guide that teaches you exactly how to pose your couples. From what to do before the session, to getting more dynamic poses, and even what to say to make your clients feel like rockstars! Each turn of the page will leave you feeling confident in the experience and photos you’ll provide clients.

Couples Posing Guide

download for $89

Ready to start your wedding photography business?

Then consider this your kickstart! My 81-page Wedding Photographer Guide gives you all the info you need to start your very own wedding photography business. From the best beginner’s gear to sample shot lists. There’s even an entire breakdown on how to set up the perfect family formal photo! Plus, steal my post-wedding workflow to stay organized and efficient while editing.

wedding photographer Guide

download for $139

are you ready to take amazing detail shots?

This comprehensive guide has everything you need to take magical detail shots and help tell your couple's story perfectly. What is included: How to find the best Light, Surfaces and Backgrounds, Horizontal vs Vertical shots, Use of Flowers, Use of Bouquet, How to capture the shoes, Invitation Suite, Ring shots, Dress shots, Styling items list, Bride and Groom Details List. 

wedding details Guide


Ready to uplevel your business in a BIG way? 

Get my Booked & Busy Bundle with 3 of my most transformational guides for wedding photographers. These self-paced guides cover getting started with your gear and workflow, posing couples, and capturing those magical wedding day details.

Included Guides:
👉 Wedding Photographer Guide ($139 value)
👉 Couples Posing Guide ($89 value)
👉 Details Guide ($59 value)

get all 3!
the Booked & busy bundle

download for $244


Norah B.
"In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take"

ready to spice up your photos?

10 Total Presets to help you capture the perfect vibe: Best Brown, Brighter Days, Grainy B&W, It's Hot in here, Loud and Clear, Muted B&G, Muted Greens, Soft B&W, Strong Contrast, True Warm. 
Presets are final sales.  See FAQs below. 

timeless preset collection


"With technology today we may have apps to teach photographers how to pose clients very easily but what's its lacking is how we can make it a fun and wonderful experience for clients however, with Photo Biz Education I got to learn great techniques that can help put my clients at ease and create a nice flow during their session. That to me is the fundamental part of any session."


" Something was missing"

post-consult follow-up email sequence

email templates

Engagement Session Prep Sequence

buy now - $39

Not sure how to help your clients prepare for the engagement session? We got you! This is a 5-email sequence designed to create a great experience for the engagement session. 

This 3-email sequence will help you seal the deal. Address possible concerns and follow up timely and professionally to show you are the best choice for their wedding day!

Wedding Client
Welcome Sequence

This 6-email sequence will help you guide your newly booked client through the process with confidence. Lots of great information and tips to enhance communication and maximize the client experience. 

buy now - $39

buy now - $29

- rhonda h.

The WeddingGuide is my wedding Bible! So much detail, has everything I needed to know to prepare for the day
The Sample Family Formal list was key for me, no freezing up and forgetting a pose!

Wedding photographer guide

Looking to start or scale your photography business? The first step is to understand what your real Cost of Doing Business is, so you can start charging premium rates for services and products. Download my cheat sheet to understand how to find your CODB easily.

How To Price Your Wedding Photography Package

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Meet Nata

Your accidental ceo Coach

Nata is a wife, a girl mom of 2, a wedding photographer, and an educator. She went from a career in physical therapy to photographing couples around the world. She’s kind of a badass around here!

Her passion and tenacity, which is a nice way of saying long nights putting hours into her businesses, have led her to create four companies and the freedom to travel with her family. She was (and is) obsessed with systems and optimizing her time. Now, she balances her time between couples and sharing insights to help other creatives build businesses to fuel their dream lives.

To inquire with Nata about speaking opportunities, click HERE!

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What are Guides?

The guides collection is a series of documents that you can use to guide you as you start your journey into the wedding photography world, or if you want to improve certain skills such as posing or detail shots. The guides have a combination of didactic material and pictures to illustrate the concepts you are learning. 

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Do I need to have any specific software or program to view the guides?

The guides are PDF documents so any computer should be able to open it. 

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What happens after purchase?

Once purchased, you will immediately receive an email with the download link. The guide must be downloaded onto your device within 24 hours, after which the link will expire.

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Do you offer returns or refunds?

As guides are digital in nature, all sales are final and purchases are non-refundable. That being said, I always want to hear your feedback and know how I can make it better.

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what are presets?

Think of them as a professional "filter". Presets are a starting point to your editing that helps you create a standard and cohesive look to all your pictures. They also help you speed up the editing process as they can be applied to a pictures with a simple click!