5: Brand Authentically: Subtle Strategies for Brand Awareness

Quianna Marie
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Welcome to the Accidental CEO Podcast!  In this episode, Nata Salvatori interviews Quianna Marie, a traveling photographer and content creator. They discuss the importance of being present and showing up in the online space. Kiana shares her journey from photography to education and emphasizes the need for photographers to capture behind-the-scenes moments to showcase their value. They also discuss the misconception that showing up frequently is annoying and the importance of sharing the client experience. Kiana provides practical tips for content creation and highlights the need to be proactive in educating and engaging with potential clients. They conclude by discussing the importance of being real and authentic in online interactions. In this conversation, Quianna Marie discusses the importance of showing up authentically online and being true to oneself. She challenges the idea of niching down and encourages photographers to embrace their versatility. Quianna shares examples of how showing up and creating connections can lead to increased revenue and business growth. She emphasizes the need for strategic marketing and highlights the benefits of being present in the online space. Quianna also shares her favorite hobbies and activities outside of photography.

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  • Capture behind-the-scenes moments to showcase your value and connect with potential clients.
  • Share your client experience to educate and engage with your audience.
  • Overcome the fear of showing up by realizing that your dream clients are waiting for you.
  • Be real and authentic in your online interactions to build trust and connect with your audience. Showing up authentically online allows clients to connect with the real you and builds trust.
  • There is no need to niche down in photography; versatility can lead to business expansion and resilience.
  • Creating connections and collaborating with vendors can lead to referrals and new clients.
  • Strategic marketing and segmenting different photography genres can attract specific clients while still showcasing versatility.
  • Not showing up online can result in missed opportunities and a lack of visibility in the industry.



00:00 Introduction and Background

01:18 Transition into Education

06:08 Realization of the Need to Be Present

07:39 Blending Personal and Business Life

10:18 Tips for Showing Up More Often

14:08 Misconceptions about Showing Up

20:56 Importance of Being Real and Authentic

21:53 Authenticity and Showing Up Online

23:09 The Importance of Being Yourself

24:17 The Benefits of Not Niching Down

27:25 The Power of Showing Up and Creating Connections

30:37 Strategic Marketing and Versatility in Photography

34:56 The Impact of Showing Up on Revenue

36:41 The Consequences of Not Showing Up

40:16 Favorite Hobbies and Activities

42:26 Where to Find Quianna Marie

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Mentioned in this Episode
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  1. Absolutely LOVED this conversation! Thank you for this opportunity!

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