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Confidence is a belief in oneself, the conviction that one has the ability to meet life's challenges and to succeed—and the willingness to act accordingly.  This workbook will help you build a path to follow towards your most confident self. 

lack of confidence is a common reason behind many barriers ceoS encounter

the confidence booster workbook

These books and podcast episodes provide a wealth of knowledge and inspiration for anyone looking to enhance their mindset and leverage it for creative and business success.

the golden collection 

The mindset & strategy golden list

Not sure how to build a strong and authentic brand that will help you connect with your ideal client? This free resource will help you do just that! 

5 essential tips for building your brand and online presence

build a strong brand

I got you! Follow this checklist of strategies and tangible items to see the growth. 

not sure where to start to be successful with your social media strategy?

the social media checklist

Looking to start or scale your business? The first step is to understand what your real Cost of Doing Business is, so you can start charging premium rates for services and products. Download my cheat sheet to understand how to find your CODB easily.

How To Price Your services and products

becoming money smart

Not a big fan of writing about yourself? Welcome to the club! Here are some prompts you can use to help you write your about section on your website base on your style of photography. 

to help you write the about section of your website

10 chat gpt prompts

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"With technology today we may have apps to teach photographers how to pose clients very easily but what's its lacking is how we can make it a fun and wonderful experience for clients however, with Accidental CEO I got to learn great techniques that can help put my clients at ease and create a nice flow during their session. That to me is the fundamental part of any session."

" Something was missing"

meet nata,

Nata is a wife, a girl mom of 2, a wedding photographer, and an educator. She went from a career in physical therapy to photographing couples around the world. She’s kind of a badass around here!

Her passion and tenacity, which is a nice way of saying long nights putting hours into her businesses, have led her to create four companies and the freedom to travel with her family. She was (and is) obsessed with systems and optimizing her time. Now, she balances her time between couples and sharing insights to help other creatives build businesses to fuel their dream lives.

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post-consult follow-up email sequence

email templates

Engagement Session Prep Sequence

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Not sure how to help your clients prepare for the engagement session? We got you! This is a 5-email sequence designed to create a great experience for the engagement session. 

This 3-email sequence will help you seal the deal. Address possible concerns and follow up timely and professionally to show you are the best choice for their wedding day!

Wedding Client
Welcome Sequence

This 6-email sequence will help you guide your newly booked client through the process with confidence. Lots of great information and tips to enhance communication and maximize the client experience. 

buy now - $39

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