20: Frame Your Success: Why Tangible Memories Boost Your Photography Business

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In this episode, Nata Salvatori interviews Michael Davis, a photographer and storyteller, about the importance of storytelling in photography and the transition from digital to print products. Michael shares his journey of becoming a photographer and how he discovered the power of preserving memories through his art. He emphasizes the value of printed photographs in preserving stories and creating lasting memories for clients. Michael also discusses the importance of brand alignment and simplifying product offerings to make it easier for clients to make decisions. Overall, the conversation highlights the significance of storytelling and the role of photographers in capturing and preserving meaningful moments. In this conversation, Michael Davis and Nata Salvatori discuss the importance of unpacking our own trauma behind money and how it affects our pricing strategies. They emphasize the need for a growth mindset and persistence in sales, as well as the importance of understanding and presenting value to clients. They also highlight the willingness of clients to spend money on tangible memories and the role of psychology in the sales process. The conversation concludes with a discussion on pricing strategies for albums and the importance of recognizing one’s own worth as a photographer.

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The Journey of Michael Davis

Michael Davis began his photography journey in 2011, transitioning to a full-time career in 2016. Over the years, he moved his business across multiple states, each time successfully establishing himself through strategic networking. By 2020, Michael realized he needed to find a way to increase his income without taking on more clients. His solution? Shifting from solely delivering digital images to providing clients with prints and albums.

From Digital to Prints: The Shift

Michael’s aha moment came when he joined Dr. Tomayia Colvin’s Mastermind program. Through this mentorship, he discovered the power of in-person sales. He stopped merely delivering digital images and began offering his clients beautifully crafted prints and albums. This transition not only increased his income but also enhanced the overall client experience.

The Importance of Storytelling in Photography

Michael emphasizes that being a true storyteller in photography means capturing moments that tell a complete story. He believes that the value of a photograph lies not just in the image itself but in the memories and emotions it evokes. By focusing on storytelling, Michael has been able to create lasting legacies for his clients, making his work more meaningful and valuable.

Adding Value Without Adding Clients

One of the key strategies Michael shares is the concept of value addition without increasing workload. He advises photographers to think about what adds value to their services and focus on those aspects. For Michael, this meant offering prints and albums, which provided his clients with tangible memories that would last a lifetime.

Overcoming Limiting Beliefs and Pricing Confidently

Michael addresses common limiting beliefs photographers have about money and pricing. He encourages photographers to understand their worth and not be afraid to charge what they deserve. By believing in the value of their work and offering products they are passionate about, photographers can confidently price their services and products.

Practical Steps to Implementing Print Sales

Michael provides practical steps for photographers looking to transition to print sales:

  1. Start with Personal Prints: Begin by printing photos of your own family and experiences. This helps you understand the emotional value prints hold and allows you to communicate this to your clients.
  2. Research and Align with Brands: Find print and album companies that align with your brand and artistic style. Michael found success with companies like Floricolor for their unique wooden albums.
  3. Show What You Want to Sell: Always showcase the products you want to sell. If you want to sell 100-page albums, show clients 100-page albums. This sets the expectation and desire.
  4. Simplify Choices: Avoid overwhelming clients with too many options. Offer a curated selection that highlights the best products.
  5. Engage Clients’ Senses: During consultations, let clients touch, feel, and see the quality of your products. This sensory engagement is crucial in selling high-value items.


Michael Davis’s journey is a testament to the power of storytelling and the value of offering tangible products in photography. By shifting his focus to in-person sales and prints, he not only increased his income but also provided his clients with lasting memories. Photographers looking to transform their business can learn from Michael’s strategies and start offering more value to their clients today.

Connect with Michael Davis

To learn more from Michael Davis and explore his work, visit MTD Photography and follow him on Instagram @mtdphotography1914 and TikTok @mtdphotography.

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