18: Discovering Authenticity and Joy in Entrepreneurship: An Inspiring Journey with Burcu Onaranel Erten

discovering authentic self in entrepreneurship.
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Welcome to another exciting episode of the Accidental CEO Podcast! Today, we are thrilled to have a special guest joining us from the other side of the world. Meet Burcu Onaranel Erten, founder of Joyy! Marketing and Coaching, an international motivational speaker, and an NLP master practitioner. Burcu’s journey from a corporate job in Turkey to becoming an inspiring entrepreneur and speaker in the United States is nothing short of remarkable.

Embracing Change and Pursuing Dreams

Burcu’s story begins in Turkey, where she worked in HR for three years before realizing her passion lay elsewhere. Feeling restricted by societal norms and corporate expectations, she decided to explore the world, learn English, and launch her own business. In 2016, Burcu moved to the United States, despite not knowing the language or anyone there, driven by a clear goal and the power of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP).


The Turning Point: Discovering NLP

NLP, or neuro-linguistic programming, played a pivotal role in Burcu’s journey. It helped her understand her values, purpose, and what truly brought her joy. Through NLP training, Burcu learned hypnosis, professional life coaching, motivational life coaching, and various NLP tools, which enabled her to find her true calling—being a speaker, inspiring people, and coaching them to change their lives.

Navigating Challenges and Finding Success

Burcu’s move to the United States was not without challenges. She faced language barriers, cultural differences, and the daunting task of building a business from scratch. However, her unwavering determination and the belief in her mission kept her going. Even during the pandemic, when she had to return to Turkey, Burcu continued to pursue her dreams, eventually finding love and moving to Hungary.

Overcoming Fear and Building Confidence

One of the key themes in Burcu’s coaching is overcoming fear and building self-confidence. She shares her personal transformation from a shy, reserved individual to a confident public speaker. Burcu emphasizes the importance of understanding oneself, embracing one’s fears, and stepping out of comfort zones to discover one’s authentic self.

Defining Authenticity and Building an Authentic Brand

Burcu believes that authenticity is the cornerstone of a successful brand. She encourages entrepreneurs to find their authentic voice and be true to themselves. By doing so, they can create a brand that resonates with their audience and stands out in the market. Burcu shares practical exercises, such as asking friends and colleagues for three words that describe you, to gain insights into how others perceive you and align it with your brand identity.

Connecting with Ideal Clients

Connecting with ideal clients involves being authentic and true to oneself. Burcu advises entrepreneurs to sell without trying to sell. By being genuine, confident, and showing up as their best selves, entrepreneurs can attract the right clients who resonate with their energy and values. She also highlights the importance of being prepared and professional, even during times when clients are scarce.

Daily Routines for Building Self-Confidence

Burcu shares practical tips for building self-confidence, such as visualizing past moments of confidence, listening to uplifting music, and surrounding oneself with positive people. She emphasizes the importance of feeling good and maintaining high energy levels to perform at one’s best and attract positive outcomes.

The Power of the Why: Joy with Two Y’s

The name of Burcu’s company, Joy Marketing and Coaching, carries a special significance. The first “Y” stands for joy, the highest vibration and the most searched word on Google. The second “Y” represents “your why”—the purpose behind your entrepreneurial journey. Burcu reminds us to always remember why we started and to let that purpose drive us towards success.

Connect with Burcu Onaranel Erten

To learn more about Burcu Onaranel Erten and her work, you can find her on Instagram at @joyyburcu and on YouTube by searching her name. You can also reach out to her via email at burcu@joyyburcu.com.

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