5 Marketing Mistakes Wedding Photographers Make

wedding photographer marketing tips
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If being a booked-out wedding photographer was simply about talent, we’d all have full calendars. The truth is, that getting more clients is less about talent and more about your marketing skills. I’ve been lucky enough to hit multiple six-figures year after year, and in doing so I realized most sales problems can be traced back to a few common marketing mistakes. Recognizing and avoiding these mistakes can transform your wedding photography business and allow your work to reach the right couples. 

Let’s dive into five marketing mistakes wedding photographers make and how to correct them.

1. Not Having an Email Newsletter

An email newsletter is not just about sending out updates; it’s about creating a continuous dialogue with your past, present, and future clients. There’s a lot of debate between photographers on whether you need an email list. I’m here to say – you do. By not leveraging email marketing for your wedding photography, you’re missing out on opportunities to showcase your latest work, share testimonials, and stay in sight and in mind. You become part of the past. Email marketing lets you remind people – I’m here! – so they refer you to their recently engaged friends and family. 

2. No Social Media Strategy

Look, I know you’re busy. It’s hard to sit down and plan your social media strategy. But posting sporadically without a clear strategy leaves room to forget why you’re posting. Have you posted your best photos? Are you showing a wide range of your work? Did you post flat-lay? A curated feed reflects your brand and has engagement strategies that encourage interaction. Another advantage to having a social media strategy is that you can be more consistent in posting. That will come in handy during the busy season when you’re 2 weddings deep into the weekend, with no time to post. My secret tip to being consistent and mindful is to choose what you want to post about and turn it into several pieces of content. It’s the “work smarter, not harder” strategy that fits my hectic schedule. You can do that too. If you need help coming up with a content strategy, try this masterclass! I break down what a content strategy is and how to repurpose one piece of content into a ton of marketing pieces.

3. No Wedding Blog

Every wedding photographer needs a blog. Having one allows you to create content to attract the right couples in the right locations. It enhances your SEO, which drives more traffic to your site. Each blog post is a chance to showcase your expertise, share tips for couples planning their weddings, and feature beautiful wedding stories that highlight your unique style. It’s also a perfect way to keep your website content fresh and engaging. Plus, it gives you additional content to post to social media, to get more people onto your website from the app. Try posting regularly for a month to get into the habit. Then keep it up to keep people coming back to your website. (See my NS Photobook blog for inspiration!)

4. Old Photos on Your Website

Your photography website should be a living portfolio, constantly updated with your latest and greatest work. Your skills behind the lens grow each year. Allowing old or outdated photos to linger can give people the wrong impression about your skills or style. I’ve seen many wedding photographers struggling to book clients at higher prices. Then, when we look at their website together their work is from two years ago, and it’s no wonder why people don’t see their worth. They aren’t seeing their work as it is now! If you want to have a client-getting website, make sure every time you’re shooting you’re taking time to create those impactful shots. Then remember to put them on your website when you are editing. Regularly refreshing your galleries with new images that reflect your current skill level and ideal client is a major key in attracting more clients. 

5. Not Building Relationships with Other Wedding Vendors

The wedding industry thrives on connections. Not building relationships with other vendors – like local venues, florists, and planners – is a missed marketing opportunity for referrals and collaborations. These partnerships can open doors to a wider audience and bring new business opportunities. To start building relationships, find out where your local wedding vendors hang out, whether it’s at local networking events or meetups, like the Rising Tide. Attend the events they go to, participate in styled shoots, and start building genuine connections with other vendors whose work aligns with your brand. I make it my mission to keep connected to the planners and venues I love working with. In turn, they send their couples to me. Relationships matter!

Be Your Own Wedding Photography Marketer

You don’t need to be a marketing maven to have clients knocking at your door. Your images do a lot of the talking for you, but they can only carry you so far. You still need to show up in people’s inbox, create a real content plan, and get serious about your website. By avoiding these common marketing mistakes, you’ll already be ahead of the competition in your area. Remember, the goal is not only just showcase your talent but to improve your visibility and appeal to couples looking for their perfect wedding photographer. 

If you’re ready to start creating more content, I highly recommend starting with my Content Masterclass to create your strategy. If you want to dive into email, I have a great resource on my favorites page for an email club that does most of the strategy and rotting for you! Start small, and start marketing like the pro you are.

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