2: Profitable by the Numbers: Unveiling the Business Metrics You Can’t Afford to Ignore with John Mansfield

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In this episode, Nata Salvatori and John Mansfield discuss the importance of knowing your numbers and understanding the cost of doing business to grow your photography business. They emphasize the need to calculate the cost of doing business and consider both fixed and variable costs. They also highlight the importance of setting prices based on value and not personal preferences. Additionally, they discuss the use of data to drive business decisions and the right time to increase prices based on experience, education, and client demand. In this conversation, Nata Salvatori and John discuss the importance of pricing in the photography industry. They emphasize the need for photographers to experiment with their pricing and not be afraid to increase their prices. They also discuss how to handle price inquiries from clients and the importance of not assuming clients’ budgets. Additionally, they share their love for cooking and baking.

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  • Understanding the cost of doing business is crucial for growing your photography business.
  • Setting prices based on value and not personal preferences is important to ensure profitability.
  • Using data to track leads, conversions, and client feedback can help make informed business decisions.
  • Increasing prices incrementally based on experience, education, and client demand is a strategic approach. Experiment with your pricing to find the right balance between working less and making more money.
  • Don’t be afraid to increase your prices and see how clients respond.
  • When handling price inquiries, be confident in your value and don’t assume clients’ budgets.
  • Cooking and baking can be a fun and creative outlet outside of photography.


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Important Moment in this Episode

00:00 – Introduction and Background

03:03 – The Importance of Knowing Your Numbers

08:34 – Understanding the Cost of Doing Business

11:57 – Setting Prices Based on Value, Not Personal Preferences

19:04 – The Real Hours and Costs of Photography

25:00 – Using Data to Drive Business Decisions

32:15 – When to Increase Prices

39:38 – Experimenting with Pricing

41:02 – Handling Price Inquiries

42:47 – Don’t Assume Clients’ Budgets

44:10 – Cooking and Baking

45:11 – Closing Remarks and Where to Find John

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