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This 3-email sequence for wedding photographers will help you seal the deal with new clients. Wow clients with a personal touch, address possible concerns, and follow up timely and professionally to show you are the best choice for their wedding day!

  •  3 Pre-written follow-up email templates

Follow Up Email Templates for Wedding Photographers

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We've all been there. You meet a couple, the consultation goes perfect, you sent the proposal and then....crickets.

The key to winning more bookings is to elevate your follow-up game. I created the Post-Consult Email Templates from the same emails I use in my business. It took me years to figure out how to create a personalized, unforgettable follow-up that left couples feeling seen and ready to sign.

And all it takes is 3 little emails.

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Frequently Asked Questions Email

Proposal Delivery Email Template

Post-Consultation Follow-Up Email Template

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