You’ve got the passion, now it’s time to build your business skills. Many creative entrepreneur struggle to make sales even though they’re checking off all the boxes that people say are important. 

Beautiful photos? Check.
Reels game? Mastered. 
Website? Up and working. 
Interest? It’s there!

But something isn’t translating into sales, which is keeping your income capped. Whatever it is that’s not working, you don’t have to waste time figuring it out alone. 


business & Mindset COACHING

Who has time for ‘trial and error’ when you can’t afford the errors? Get a real review of your business from a coach who’s been there and trialed it already. No more guessing about what’s broken. We’re only saying YES this year to proven systems, automated workflows, killer mindset, support from creative entrepreneur who get it, and of course - sales.

Find your perfect program below.

CUE YOUR business & mindset COACH

It’s Time To Get Paid Like A 6-Figure CEO

best investment for myself and my business

nikki e. 

"The Mastermind class was a great investment for myself and my business. Nata walked through everything, step by step to ensure my business was set up properly and for success. Finding out the cost of doing business helped me so much to understand where my money was going! I couldn’t recommend this course enough. It’s turned my business and the way it runs completely around! "

from $699

An online course meticulously crafted to empower creative entrepreneur with the mindset, knowledge, strategies, and skills needed to attract more clients, stand out in a saturated market, and ultimately build a thriving business.

getting out of your own way

coming soon

from $499

Are you tired of feeling "sellsy" and uncomfortable when selling to your clients? This course is for you. 
Learn to sell from a place of love and service to your clients and hear them thank you after they give you money. 

selling from a place of love

coming soon

from $599

As a creative entrepreneur, it comes a time when the only way to scale your business is to build a team. But where do you even start? What team members you need to hire first?
How to make sure you hire the best person? 
That's where this course comes in! I will guide you to the process and give you resources to build a team that will support you and help you grow, so you can get back to your CEO seat.  

growing a team

coming soon

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Remember when I said we’re only saying yes to your perfect program? If you’re ready to invest in photography education but feel worried you’ll have major FOMO over another option - pause here. 

I want you to feel excited, not nervous, about which offer is right for the phase you’re in. Feel free to give me more details about what you’re looking for and which offers have caught your eye. I’ll reply with my best recommendation for you.



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